Introducing The New Form Editor Inside Zipform

Today we're going over the new form editor inside of zipForm. . . Starting November 15th, a new form editor option will be made available to all California Realtors. From the documents tab of our transaction, when we open you open a form, you will now be prompted to choose whether you want to open the form in the new form editor, or the classic form editor. . . You will notice right away the layout of the new form editor. The Forms and Documents panel will allow you to organize and rearrange your forms as needed. There is also a Tools and Options pane on the side that will be helpful for adding transaction details and puts several of the most common and helpful tools at your fingertips. . . The new form editor now makes reference to the preexisting folders that we have in our transaction. Making it easier to find the forms and documents that you need. . . To add forms to our transaction, we can click on the Add button. This will bring up a dialog box that includes all your form libraries. You can use the search bar to find exactly the form you need, and then click add to add the form to your workspace. You can also upload a document from your computer, as well as from any of the supported cloud based storage solutions that you use. Click Close to return to the editor. . . In our next video. We will dive deeper into the Workspace section of the new editor. This new feature allows us to work on multiple documents at once and saves time jumping between forms. . . Stay tuned for more zipTips, from the zipGuys.