Using The Form Editor Workspace

Starting November 15th, a new form editor option will be made available to all California Realtors. When opening a form, you will now be prompted to choose whether you want to use the new form editor or the classic form editor. . . On the right hand side of the new form editor, we see the Forms and Documents panel. This is where the new workspace can be found. This workspace allows us to organize and rearrange forms as needed. As we learned in the previous video, the new form editor now makes reference to the preexisting folders that we have in our transaction. Making it easier to find the forms and documents that you need. . . Using the move handle on the left of our document, we can place forms from our transaction into the workspace. We can also make changes to the order of the documents using those same move handles. Documents in the workspace will now be scrollable in the editor. Saving you time by placing the forms in succession for easier editing. . . To add a document to the transaction from your computer or device, we can click on the Add button. Click on the Upload tab and then select browse files to add a document from your computer. Once the file has finished uploading, it will appear in your workspace. . . This new workspace allows us to prepare and organize our documents for signing, sending, downloading and printing. All from here inside the editor.. . The Tools and Options pane along the righthand side of the editor provides access for you to add and edit transaction parties, as well as other important transaction details. The clause manager is available from here as well. . . Stay tuned for more zipTips, from the zipGuys.